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Join Us Thursday For South Florida Trivia!


As part of our new blog What's the Story? -- where we let your curiosity about South Florida guide our reporting -- we're hosting a night of trivia inspired by some of your questions!

Come meet us Thursday, July 10, at 6:30 p.m. at Gramps in Wynwood at 176 Northwest 24th St. Teams of five or less are allowed. Every team gets a WLRN or Miami Herald team member!

The subjects will be about South Florida history and pop culture, some from our What's the Story blog.

Here are some examples (for the answers, please scroll to the bottom):

1. In what city did the now-defunct Miami Fusion Major League Soccer team play?

2. Nevada has his dam. Lake Okeechobee has his dike. Name this U.S. president, who might be most famous today as the name for a water-retention infrastructure.

3. What famous South Floridian introduced the mango to the U.S.?


A photo of which famous actor in Cosmopolitan magazine inspired this advertisement?


1. Fort Lauderdale

2. Herbert Hoover

3. David Fairchild

Photo caption: Burt Reynolds