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Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber Faces Challenges Ahead; NPR Host Peter Sagal Promotes His Play


Today on Sundial: Miami Beach’s new mayor, Dan Gelber, joins us in the studio to talk about the future challenges the city faces.

Miami Beach residents can expect a low-key  style from Gelber, who understands the intricacies of policymaking and knows the influence the mayor can have in the city. Gelber has a very different style than his predecessor, Phillip Levine, who has officially launched his run for governor.

The upcoming challenges for the mayor center around resiliency and sea-level rise, as well as the issue of affordable housing in the Miami Beach area. The mayor is also keen on adding an inspector general for the city, an investigative official who will detect fraudulent activity at City Hall.

Mayor Gelber answered callers' questions and concerns. 

Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s news-related game show "Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me," is also a successful playwright. Sagal is promoting his new play, Most Wanted, showing at Florida Atlantic University’s Theater Lab as part of the Playwright's Forum, from Nov. 30th through Dec. 17th.

The play was written close to 20 years ago and remains virtually unchanged or updated since it was written.

"Most Wanted" is partially set in Florida. The plot revolves around Frank and Doris, a retired couple, who decide to take their granddaughter and make a run for it, ending in sunny Florida. The play is a comedy drawing on the conflict between parents and grandparents. Sagal will be at the at the FAU Theater Lab, Saturday December 9th.

Sagal has written for NPR, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and Runner’s World Magazine. He’s been hosting "Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me" since 1998. 

You can hear the conversations with Dan Gelber and Peter Sagal on Monday’s program of Sundial.