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A Look At The 2020 Census, How Miamians Can Explore Miami As A Tourist & Space Suit Art Project

Lily Fonte
Miami In Miami teaches students to be tourists and discover the city many of them have lived in their entire lives.

On the Monday, Sept. 16, episode of Sundial:

2020 Census Count In Miami-Dade County 

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo, representing District 13, which includes Hialeah, Miami Lakes and Palm Springs North, is also the chair of the Miami-Dade County 2020 Census Task Force. Recently, the U.S Supreme Court denied the Trump’s administration push for the citizenship question, which immigrant advocacy groups argued would do a disservice if those who are in the country illegally are not accounted for. Commissioner Bovo joined Sundial to talk about three key issues facing the county: affordable housing, transportation and the 2020 Census. 

Explore Your Miami Home Like A Tourist 

Have residents of Miami-Dade County really explored all the prime locales of the city? A new course at Florida International University is looking at Miami-Dade County beyond the beaches through the course “Miami in Miami.” It examines the city’s historical, social, and cultural identity. The course is taught by professor John Bailly and teaches students to be tourists and discover the city many of them have lived in their entire lives. He joined Sundial and spoke with WLRN’s Education Reporter Jessica Bakeman about the concept behind the class and what he hopes students will get out of it. 

The Space Suit Art Project 

The Space for Art Foundation connects former astronauts with childhood cancer patients to inspire the next generation of space lovers. Former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott is one of the members. She calls herself the “Artistic Space Astronaut” because she was the first person to watercolor in space. She recently helped with the creation of the Space Suit Art Project, a space suit made out of hundreds of textile fabrics with hearts, stars, drawn space rockets and planets made by kids. Stott is holding a special fundraising event in Wynwood on Thursday, September 19 that will showcase the work. She joined Sundial to discuss the focus of the organization and how she connects her passion for art with her passion in space.