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Evangelicals For Trump Coalition Event, Looking Ahead At The 2020 Legislative Session & Crime Museum

Alejandra Martinez
South Florida residents line up at a megachurch in West Kendall for the launch of President Donald Trump's 'Evangelicals for Trump' coalition.

On this Monday, Jan. 6, episode of Sundial:

President Trump Evangelical Event In South Florida 

Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani was killed on Friday morning by a drone strike President Donald Trump ordered to deter "future Iranian attack plans." Shortly after Soleimani died, Trump was in West Kendall talking to thousands of supports at the King Jesus Ministry, also known as El Rey Jesus. 

“The day I took office, I got sworn in — the federal government's war on religion came to a very abrupt end," said Trump at the campaign event. 

This event at the megachurch was the launch of the president’s “Evangelicals for Trump Coalition.” WLRN Broward County reporter Caitie Switalski was inside the church covering the event and Sundial producer Alejandra Martinez spoke with protestors outside. They joined Sundial and talked with host Luis Hernandez about the event.

Looking Ahead At The 2020 Legislative Session 

The Florida legislative session begins next week and Sundial is talking with a number of lawmakers ahead and during session. Democratic State Representative Shevrin Jones, representing southeastern Broward County, joined the program. The conversation focused on four key priorities: standardized testing, marijuana, gun control and mental health. 

“One conversation that has become very prevalent in the state of Florida and nationally is mental health,” Jones said on Sundial. 

Hollywood Crime Tours and Gallery

Some of the nation’s most infamous criminals lived and committed crimes in South Florida.

The Hollywood Crime Tours and Gallery museum in Broward County tells the story of the Dadeland Mall murders committed by the Cocaine Cowboys, Andrew Cunanan who murdered famous fashion designer Gianni Versace, and the Miami Zombie Attack in which a Miami man chewed off part of a homeless man’s face.

Attorney Chris Mancini and WLRN Television producer Mia Laurenzo joined Sundial to talk about the museum and share some of the crimes highlighted. 

WLRN news producer Chris Remington contributed to production of this episode.