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South Florida's Coronavirus Protections, Students File Climate Change Lawsuit & Stand Up Science


On this Wednesday, Jan. 29, episode of Sundial:

A local infectious-disease expert on Coronavirus

Thousands of visitors are descending upon Miami for the Super Bowl LIV this weekend and with concerns about the coronavirus, Miami International Airport has installed quarantine stations with dedicated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff to screen for the disease.

Dr. Bindu Mayi, a professor of microbiology at Nova Southeastern University and an infectious disease expert joined Sundial to talk about the spread of the virus and how to locals can protect themselves. 

Climate Change Lawsuit 

Several Florida students are suing Gov. Ron Desantis and other lawmakers for not doing enough to combat climate change.

“By pumping massive amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and causing the climate change crisis, they're not doing their legal duty,” says the lead plaintiff, Delaney Reynolds. 

The students claim their lives are endangered due to climate inaction and it’s their right to grow up in a safer environment. Reynolds, a local environmental activist, and attorney Mitch Chester, who’s representing the clients in the case joined Sundial to discuss changes they would like to see in environmental policy. 

How do you make science funny? 

Comedian Shane Mauss is leading “Stand Up Science,” a two-hour comedy show in Coral Gables with local science academics who will bring both the science and comedy world together. 

During the show they will breakdown topics like endangered species, autism and space to “elevate the comedy experience” says Mauss.

They joined Sundial to talk about their love for science and how they bring this subject to life on stage ahead of the event Friday evening, Jan. 31, at Open Stage Club, 2325 Galiano St.

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