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Florida Students Fail AP Exams, Urban Land Institute Housing Event & Miami Comedian Aida Rodriguez

Aida Rodriguez
Afro-Latina Miami comedian Aida Rodriguez is in town for an improv show on Thursday.

On this Wednesday, Feb. 26, episode of Sundial:

Florida Students Fail AP Exams

A recent look at AP exam scores by the Florida Phoenix found that in 2019, nearly half the students that took the exams in the state failed. Educators are concerned about the state’s low performance. Reporter Diane Rado joined Sundial to explain why Florida students aren't performing well and why teachers need them to.

The Urban Land Institute Housing Conference

Housing experts and policymakers are in Miami for the Urban Land Institute's Symposium to discuss the biggest challenges facing the nation’s affordable housing crisis. 

In Miami, nearly 60% of residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing. Christopher Ptomey,  executive director of the Urban Land Institute’s Terwilliger Center for Housing, joined Sundial to discuss why housing is so cost-burden for Miami residents and how housing experts are addressing the crisis. 

Afro-Latina Miami Comedian Aida Rodriguez

Afro-Latina Aida Rodriguez tackles dark topics like kidnapping, abandonment and Puerto Rico’s political situation in her comedy.

Rodriguez spent most of her childhood and teen years growing up in a Puerto Rican household in South Florida and it's a big part of her comedy. She is currently a featured comedian in the Netflix series, "Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready," and is in town for a performance at the Miami Improv on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Rodriguez joined Sundial and talked to host Luis Hernandez about her difficult childhood and how her experience has set her apart in the comedy world.