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The South Florida Roundup

Tallying It Up: Election Problems, Citizens Insurance And Miami-Dade Prayer

Dan Grech

On the Florida Roundup :  Local leaders and scientists gather in Palm Beach county to discuss how sea-level rise is “sinking in” in South Florida.  Citizens Insurance is awash with complaints about its "incentive plan" to have private insurers take over some of its policies. Will you be paying for it, hurricane or not? 

Secretary of State Ken Detzner says we'll be waiting another month before the official report on the reasons for Florida's broken elections process.  But in the meantime, he offered that the lengthy ballot did have a role in the long lines.

Miami-Dade leaders bring back spoken prayer to its commission meetings, and the ACLU says that depending on how it’s done, a lawsuit may be “inevitable.”  We ask you what role prayer has in your life and, putting aside legal questions, what place it should have in government.  

The Baselites have arrived!  But the big deals happening this week at Art Basel don't just involve art.  We find out why Christie's real estate arm flies in their agents from around the world for the fair. 

Host Phil Latzman speaks with journalists Al Sunshine of CBS4, Jane Wooldridge of the Miami Herald and Chuck Strouse from the Miami New Times. 

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