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The South Florida Roundup

The Florida Roundup: Sales Tax, Latin America Under A Trump Presidency & Remembering Janet Reno


This week on The Florida Roundup...

On Election Day, Broward voters rejected a ballot measure that would have raised the sales tax from its current 6 percent to 7 percent. It was crafted for transportation projects. Now that the measure has  failed, where will Broward find the funds to improve public transit? And on the same day, Palm Beach County voters approved a similar referendum. What does that mean for public schools?  The Sun-Sentinel's Brittany Wallman joins Greg Stuart, the executive director of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization,  and Palm Beach County School Superintendent Robert Avossa. 

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Also, it's still too early to tell what effect a Trump presidency will have on U.S. relations with some of our country's closest geographical neighbors. But as South Florida, for decades,  has served as a gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, whatever happens there affects us and vice versa. So we ask the experts to speculate--WLRN's Tim Padgett, The Miami Herald's Jacqueline Charles and David Adams, senior editor for Univison Digital. 

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Plus, a look at the life and career of Miami native Janet Reno. Reno was the first woman to become U.S. attorney general and during the eight years she served in that role, she had some tough calls to make. Before that, she cut her teeth as Miami-Dade County state attorney. John Dorschner was a journalist at The Miami-Herald then. He joins Amy Driscoll, a  current editor at The Miami Herald,  to reflect.  

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