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Topical Currents

“At Your Service,” with Veterinarian Dr. Ian Kupkee and Animal Behaviorist, Edel Miedes

08/13/13 - Tuesday's Topical Currents is an “At Your Service” Edition, with veterinarian Dr. Ian Kupkee, of Kendall’s Sabal Chase Animal Clinic. He’ll take calls about pet care and animal welfare, and cover the issue of aggression in our animal companions.  For example, recent studies have shown that dogs bred in puppy mills are more likely to become aggressive as they mature. Also animal trainer and behavior specialist EdelMiedes of South Florida’s K-9 Advisors joins us. That’s Topical Currents “At Your Service,” Tuesday at 1pm.

WLRN Radio's Joseph Cooper says producing and hosting Topical Currents is the most rewarding experience of his long radio career, which began at the University of Missouri School of Journalism in the 1970s.