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Stadium Story: An Open Letter To The Miami Dolphins


Update 7:27 p.m.: Tallahassee lawmakers ended their 60-day legislative session without approving a deal to provide taxpayer support for a $350 million upgrade of Sun Life Stadium.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Does anybody else find the way the Miami Dolphins and Miami-Dade County are handling the proposed renovations to Sun Life Stadium to be, well, a bit strange?

While most of us were waiting to see whether the powers that be in Tallahassee would even allow us to vote on public funding for stadium renovations -- lo, and behold, we woke up this past Monday morning to find out the vote was underway. Huh?

It wasn't until hours after early voting started that the Senate stamped its approval on the referendum. As of this writing, the House has yet to do squat.

Okay, that's just more of the weird science of Florida politics. We get that. Sort of.

But this week our NFL franchise held a job fair at Sun Life Stadium looking for workers. For jobs that may never exist. 

Why is the Dolphins organization so confident in its hand-crafted legislation that hasn't been approved, that it's already offering  jobs to make its stadium Super Bowl-ready?
It seems a little cruel -- not to mention a little smug -- to do this in Miami-Dade County, especially after the county's economy tanked harder than a lot of other places around the country.

All this in the wake of the Marlins stadium debacle. And there wasn't even a vote on that.  

So we ask -- Miami Dolphins, how do you dangle a carrot like that when you don't even have one in the vegetable bin?

Dear readers, chime in. The field is yours.

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