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The Story Behind A Rather Unique Miami Heat Pep Talk

The quality of the video is low budget and low sound quality but high energy.

A guy is standing in his bedroom with his hair gelled up. He’s wearing a Dwyane Wade jersey.
“Guys, Miami, you know what time it is and you know I had to make another video!" he exclaims. "The 2013 playoffs are back! The Miami Heat. The greatest season ever! And I got my money on it that we going to win the championship again!”
His name is Andy Pita.

"Yes, 'Pita' as in bread," he says. "I'm delicious. I go good with everything, mainly chicken."

Pita is 26-years old and lives with his parents in Hialeah. He has one goal: “Be the next, you know, Cuban Jim Carrey.”

For now, it’s more like Cuban Jim Carrey meets Tony Robbins.

In 2005, Pita stumbled upon a niche market for comedic pep-rallies, when he made a rally tape for his own high school graduation.

And people loved it. Other high schools started asking for custom talks. Eventually people started paying him for personalized video.

Pita’s done a lot of quincienera talks.

“You know, hey this is your moment, this is your quinces, you’re going to live life. You’re going to take over the world,” Pita would say at the quinces.

People started telling Pita he should do a video for the Miami Heat. His first Miami Heat video (see the top of this post) went viral in 2011 when the team made it to the NBA Finals for the first time with LeBron James.

Now he gets even more pep-rally requests and they are stranger than ever: water balloon fights, an army promotion and even baby showers.
But if you’re interested you’d be wise to book him now. Pita admits he’ll be ready to move on from pep talks soon.

What are your pregame rituals? Tell us the ways you try to help the Heat win.

Disclaimer: Videos contain language that may be objectionable to some viewers.

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