Felony murder is not your average murder. Juvenile justice advocates call felony murder laws arcane and say they unfairly harm children and young adults. Prosecutors can charge them with felony murder even if they didn't kill anyone or intend to do so. What's required is the intent to commit a felony — like burglary, arson or rape — and that someone dies during the process.

Citizen's Arrests: What to Consider Before Rushing In

Feb 2, 2016
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Claudia Castillo, a civilian, recently made national headlines when she pulled over a speeding Miami-Dade police officer on the Dolphin Expressway. (See video below.)

Though she let the cop off with a warning, this brings up the subject of citizen’s arrests: how and when you should or can do it, and when you shouldn’t.

In Florida, you can place someone under citizen’s arrest if the person commits a felony or for misdemeanors that fall under “breach of peace.”

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Felons, high-school dropouts and the poor might get a helping hand when looking for a job in Broward County.

The County Commission is considering an ordinance that would require contractors to try and give half of those new contract-related jobs to hard-to-hire people.

"Try" is the operative word.

The ordinance would not require contractors to actually hire these people. They just have to make a good faith effort to find someone who falls into the hard-to-hire category. 


Child Abuse Prevention

May 30, 2013

05/30/13 - Thursday's Topical Currents begins with an explanation of the Florida “Protection of Vulnerable Persons Act.”  Child abuse reporting is now mandatory even for non-parents or caregivers.