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A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study shows that the number of cases of one pool-borne illnesses is growing.

The study focused on one disease called cryptosporidiosis caused by parasites in fecal matter. It found that the number of cases grew by 13 percent from 2009 to 2017.

Alvina Chu of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County says incidences of the disease peak in July and August.

Another Good Reason Not To Pee In The Pool

Sep 21, 2017

Water parks can be fun, but they also can pose unexpected health risks – in this case, eye and respiratory problems. And that shower you never take before you get in the pool plays a role.

In July 2015, patrons at an indoor water park resort in Ohio started to complain about eye and respiratory problems. Local health officials surveyed patrons and water park employees, who reported issues like eye burning, nose irritation, difficulty breathing and vomiting. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention then stepped in to investigate.