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This Miami Life

The World According To Sound

When you stop and listen to your surroundings, what do you hear? We take sound for granted because it’s around us all the time. But when you are forced to listen in a different way, you hear a different story.

Under the Sun’s Alicia Zuckerman attended The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) Sounds Elemental audio production workshop in order to think more creatively about using sound. She was one of nine producers who attended the week-long audio immersion class. You can learn more about her experience here or view a montage of images and sound created by the workshop participants here.

Alicia took what she learned and decided to apply it to the sounds of South Florida. Armed with a microphone, she headed to Flamingo Park and South Pointe Park in South Beach to capture everyday sounds. Everything you hear is the typical noise of a day at the park – except its been reversed, reverbed or delayed.