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New Family-Friendly Group Bike Ride Planned For South Florida

Gerhardt Family

There’s a new mass bike ride coming to South Florida. This one is designed to appeal to families.

Kidical Mass wants to get parents and kids on bicycles and tricycles. Little ones who are too young to pedal will ride in specially designed baskets or wagons.

But organizer RimaGerhardt says don't call it Critical Mass for kids.

"Kidical Mass is quite different in the way that we have a bike ride that follows all of the rules," says Gerhardt. "We stop at all of the stop signs, and we actually try to teach traffic safety. We try to create awareness for drivers that there's actually cyclists on the road that deserve to be part of the community."

Gerhardt says Critical Mass often has more than a thousand cyclists tying up rush-hour traffic and that tends to make drivers angry. She hopes that with Kidical Mass drivers might actually feel some affection for cyclists.
 "You know when you put a kid on a bike I just don't see how anybody could hate at that," says Gerhardt. "It's just such a happy thing."

The first Kidical Mass is set for Sunday, Jan. 4, at 3. The two-mile ride will begin and end at Sunset Place in South Miami, and the route will take riders to Dante Fascell Park.