How South Florida Voters Are Changing Political Culture

May 14, 2014

The almanac includes insider information, like why so many domestic and foreign affairs are negotiated in Coral Gables.
Credit News Service of Florida

The Political Almanac of Florida 2014 gives us a detailed look at the state’s House districts -- all 120 of them.

It’s full of insider information like why Republicans don’t bother much with promoting a local candidate in the area that includes Opa-Locka and Overtown. The book is rooted in the premise that anyone who knows the electorate in different parts of the state can predict who's likely to win an election. Author David Royse is editor for special projects with the News Service of Florida.  Royse talks about why more voters are registering with no party affiliation, how some traditionally conservative areas of South Florida are starting to vote for Democrats, and the age at which voters lean Republican. Hear an interview with Royse here: