South Floridians Share How You Can Help Puerto Rico

Oct 2, 2017

Puerto Ricans on the island are desperate for help following Hurricane Maria. As of this weekend, about 30 percent of the island has telecommunications capabilities; roughly half of supermarkets are open part of the time; and a little more than half of gas stations are pumping. But people need water. They need basic supplies. They need money. 

CNN reports that there are thousands of shipping containers stuck in San Juan's port. Barely 20 percent of truck drivers have returned to work. There's a fuel shortage. Add to that, many roads have not been cleared. 

There are efforts to get supplies there, but are people getting them? Also, people in the U.S. have asked about how they can give or volunteer in the effort. 

We find out what's really going on in Puerto Rico and find out the best way you can assist.

Guests on Monday's Sundial:

Democratic State Representative Robert Asencio

Luis DeRosa, President of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce South Florida

Greg Allen, NPR correspondent