Traffic, Diversity And Women: Conversations From RadioFest

Jul 3, 2017

Warm weather, bad traffic, store-bought tits, the beach, diversity, rudeness and the women.

Miami in a nutshell according to the people we talked at our VoxPop recording booth during RadioFest at the Wolfsonian on Miami Beach.

It was Spring Break, parking was bad, music was bumping and people were more than willing to spout off the things they love and hate about Miami. (Especially when we were plying them with free coffee in exchange for the conversation.)

Take a listen:

We asked a few people to tell us a story about a sound that was important to them, here are a few of the responses:

We All Scream for Ice (Popsicles)

The Dulcet Tones Of Love

Finding Place At Home

Records Smell?