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WLRN On Instagram: Your Election Connection. Three Conversations About The Election You Don’t Want To Miss

Miami Herald Staff

In each Instagram live stream, we had a Q&A discussion with a member of our news team, a local expert and — of course — you.

The 2020 election cycle marks more than a century since we’ve had to cast a ballot amid a global pandemic.

So far, based on what we know from the August primary, social distancing has kept many voters away from polling precincts. Instead, thousands are opting to vote by mail from the safety of their homes.

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The number of mail-in-ballots requested in Florida is much higher than usual. More than 650,000 people in South Florida used vote-by-mail ballots in August. Ahead of the November election, nearly four million Floridians have already asked for a vote-by-mail ballot. Meanwhile, candidates and campaign volunteers alike are figuring out more creative ways to educate voters about the issues and their policy proposals.

With that in mind, we came together to talk about three things: what you’ll see on your ballot (Hint: there are a lot more races than the presidential contest), how to vote by mail, and what mis- and disinformation campaigns look like.

We discussed these topics in-depth on Instagram Live. If you missed them live you can find them here:

  • Sept. 28: Navigating the ballot — what else is on the ballot other than POTUS

  • Oct. 6: Your political news diet — media literacy, identifying mis- and disinformation

  • Oct. 13: Vote by mail — what to expect when you expect to vote by mail

Katie Lepri Cohen is WLRN's engagement editor. She previously covered city government and corruption, environment and the arts at the Miami Herald. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Florida International University.