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The South Florida Roundup

Broward Schools Reopening Talks Continue As The Election Nears

Three Broward schools officials standing next to each other. Starting left, school board member Donna Korn, then superintendent Robert Runcie followed by  Dr. Rosalind Osgood at the far right.
via NBC 6 South Florida
Broward County Superintendent of Schools, Robert Runcie, center, with two school board members: Donna Korn, left, and Dr. Rosalind Osgood, right.

On this episode of the South Florida Roundup: Back to school in Broward County, Colombian involvement in the U.S. election, and what’s at stake in the Census count.

Broward School District Considers Mid-October Reopening

The decision by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the state to go to phase three comes as public schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties — the two largest school districts in the state — have not yet returned to the classroom.

This week, the Miami-Dade school board voted for a staggered reopening starting Oct. 14.

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The Broward school district is considering a similar timeline. Its school board also met this week to discuss the issue. It’ll hold off on making a final decision until the next school board meeting on Oct. 6.

Broward’s superintendent Robert Runcie joined the Roundup.

Broward Public Schools Prepare For Reopening

Are Colombian conservatives interfering in the U.S. election?

President Trump visited Miami on Friday and spoke at an event with Hispanic voters.

Both presidential campaigns are working to court these voters to secure Florida in the upcoming election.

Democrats argue that among the strategies against former vice president Joe Biden is efforts to portray him and the party as socialist. As WLRN’s Americas editor Tim Padgett reported this week, some of the heated rhetoric and false claims of socialism can be traced back to Colombia.

Colombian Officials Campaign For Trump

Billions of dollars on the line in this year’s Census count.

A federal judge ruled late Thursday that the U.S. Census count must continue until the end of October. The Trump Administration had been arguing for ending the decennial count on Sept. 30.

The legal fight may continue, adding additional complications and pressure to the already high stakes of the Census. Host Tom Hudson talked about what’s at stake with Andrew Reamer, a professor at George Washington University’s Public Policy Institute.

Final Countdown For Census Count

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