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Festive Scene Outside Miami Lakes Community Center

Natu Tweh
Ralph Reichard waves a Biden-Harris flag outside the Miami Lakes Community Center.

People who showed up to vote and canvas for their candidates at the Miami Lakes Community Center on Election Day found a mostly-festive atmosphere.

It was a festive scene at the Miami Lakes Community Center on Election Day as the local band Los Jornaleros de Miami Lakes played outside the precinct on and off throughout the day.

People wore masks and were socially distanced from others, and stayed together in their groups.

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Alex Suarez was waving a Biden flag. He said he’d been canvassing outside of the center for over a week with his husband.

"So we decided to be here day-in day-out since early voting. So we’ve been here for 16 days nonstop. From 5 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening,” Suarez said.

Natu Tweh
Los Jornaleros de Miami Lakes playing outside the Miami Lakes Community Center

Andrea Mercado is executive director of the New Florida Majority. The group advocates for social and racial justice issues. Mercado was imagining what she hopes to be doing when this election is over.

"Hopefully celebrating a huge victory that’s gonna change the course of this nation and the world,” Mercado said.

Former NFL defensive end David Galloway wanted to make sure people saw a Black man supporting Trump.

“The man is not a racist. And yet you still hear this foolishness every single day from somebody — from some low information voter who hasn’t done their homework.”

When asked what he would do if the president wasn’t re-elected, he said all he could do then was pray.