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FIU Will Employ High-Tech Computer Modeling To Track Biscayne Bay’s Pollution Problems

Fish have been dying in large numbers in northern Biscayne Bay, which is starved of oxygen. this is an image of a dead eel photographed on August 12, 2020.
Daniel Varela
Miami Herald
A dead eel floats in Biscayne Bay on Aug. 12, 2020.

It’s no mystery what has triggered the algae blooms, fish kills and sea grass die-offs that have troubled Biscayne Bay over the last few years. It’s pollution.

But what pollution, how much and where is it coming from? Those are murky questions that may soon be cleared up with the help of a super high-tech computer modeling system run by Florida International University.

The modeling technology, which can generate simulations in just a few minutes as opposed to days, promises to help scientists and government agencies understand how pollutants like phosphorus and nitrogen are transported through canals into the bay, and the harmful effects they create.

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