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South Florida’s Blog Roundup: Beer Lessons, Foreign Movies And Local Artists

Photo via Riverside Market's Facebook page

This roundup of local blogs shows that South Florida’s art scene isn’t just Art Basel. Locals get the chance to learn about craft beer while politics make a small appearance -- without scandal.

First Riverside Market Beer Academy Begins June 25

With the burgeoning popularity of craft beer, Fort Lauderdale's Riverside Market owner Julian Siegel created a six-week course that teaches everything from Craft Beer 101 to Home Brewing. At the end of the six weeks, participants receive an official certificate from the academy. A blogger at The Chowfather has details on the course.

Pedestrian Overpasses Have A Blogger Worried

A proposed pedestrian overpass has blogger Matthew Toro at Transit Miami worried about the future of pedestrian safety. He sees such infrastructure as a “submission to the automobile” and plans on discussing the proposed overpass in Coral Gables in a future post.  

Something in the Air Opens Across South Florida

Film fans, make room in your schedules: The French film is now playing at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, the Cosford Cinema in Coral Gables and Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale.

Blogger Hans Morgenstern reviewed the film on Independent Ethos: “Assayas offers this film not only as a chronicle of his memories growing up in a key era, but as a cautionary tale that transcends any specific generation.”

City Of Miami Mayoral Race Underway

With only six months left until election day, politicians are out stumping yet voters are hardly paying attention (if at all.) Blogger Elaine de Valle, “Ladra,” has the scoop at Political Cortadito.

Local Artist Continues To Decorate Miami Trees

Michael Scott Addis -- who struggled to survive child abuse, drug addiction, car accidents and homelessness -- is now living at the Better Way of Miami treatment center and decorates the city’s trees with masks he sculpts from a mixture of soap, ash and other materials.

Blogger Rob Goyanes spoke with Addis about his work for Artlurker:  “At once ghoulish yet familiar, and naive yet disconcerting, [the masks] sporadically adorn the surroundings along Scotty’s wayward paths through the city, themselves only evident by the abundance of his work.”

Is there a South Florida blog we ought to include in our wrap-up? Email us here. 

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