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Education Projects Among Gov. Scott's Record-Breaking Budget Vetoes

Gov. Rick Scott at a July 21 campaign stop at Boca Raton's Modern Medicine.
John O'Connor
Gov. Rick Scott at a July 21 campaign stop at Boca Raton's Modern Medicine.

Gov. Rick Scott's budget veto list broke records Tuesday, and education projects weren't spared despite Scott's emphasis on K-12 funding this year.

In total, Scott vetoed $461.4 million from the now $78.7 billion spending plan. Scott signed the plan in private Tuesday and the budget takes effect July 1.

Among the largest items Scott trimmed was $15 million for the University of Central Florida to build a campus in downtown Orlando. Many of the education cuts were for new campus buildings or renovations: $8 million to renovate Norman Hall at the University of Florida; $5 million to buy land for Florida International University; $3 million to treat mold at FIU; $3 million for a new southern campus for Hillsborough Community College.

Scott also eliminated money for programs K-12 school districts rely on, such as $1.5 million for Teach for America. Teach for America plucks recent college grads from campus and runs them through a boot camp training program. Critics say TFA provides inadequate training, but Miami-Dade and other large Florida districts rely on TFA to bolster their teacher roster.

Other programs vetoed would help prevent high school dropouts, fund a literacy program, help students plan a career path, pay for school-based manufacturing programs and provide CPR training.

But Scott spared $100 million for school construction and renovation -- $50 million for traditional public schools and $50 million for charter schools -- and money earmarked for rural schools.

And Florida will spend more on K-12 and higher education when the budget takes effect July 1.

Florida will spend $207 more per K-12 student, while boosting the amount of university and college funding based on their performance.

Read the full list of vetoes below:

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