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Talk To Us: Have You Been Asked About Your Contact To COVID-19 Patients?

Katie Lepri
Contact tracing involves reaching out to people who have made contact with a person who has tested positive for a virus.

As more states reopen across the U.S., expanded testing and contact tracing help control the spread of the virus, according to public health experts.

Contact tracing is the process of reaching out to people who’ve made contact with a person who’s tested positive for the virus. 

Watch: NPR explains how contract tracing works

Florida officials have said the process is already in place statewide, but few details are known about those efforts. According to a NPR survey, Florida has staffed 500 contact tracers—far fewer than the estimated need during the pandemic.

We want to find out more about local contact tracing efforts. Have you received a call that asked you about your possible contact with a COVID-19 patient?

To get in touch with us, email talktous@wlrnnews.org with the subject line "contact tracing" or fill out the form below. A producer will get in touch with you. Thank you.