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Scores Of Floridians Named In Boy Scout 'Perversion Files'


The Boy Scouts' "perversion files" have been released and the names of at least 160 Floridians are among the 1,000 former Boy Scout leaders and volunteers accused of sexually abusing Boy Scouts between 1965 and 1985.

Lawyers involved in the case say the Boy Scouts of America kept careful records of the suspects and allegations but never reported them to authorities.  Many were flagged as "ineligible to volunteer." 

Miami lawyer Jeffrey Herman, who specializes in sexual abuse cases, says few of the suspects will be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations. According to Herman, the sexual abuse of Boy Scours and the silence of the Boy Scout organization has disquieting similarities to the Catholic priests who abused children and were shielded by their bishops from consequences.

"One leader was in two different states before Florida, accused of abusing minors in those other states,"  Herman said. "He comes to Florida and abuses kids here."

And there was even a profile of sex abusers in the Boy Scouts. Herman said a number of the accusers were single men who became Boy Scout leaders even though they had no sons of their own in the Scouts.

Herman is  planning to hold news conferences in each Florida county where Scout leaders were accused.

Here's the CNN story on the Boy Scout "perversion files."