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UM Students Suspect Hillary Clinton's Visit Means Possible Presidential Campaign

Jessica Meszaros

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid University of Miami students a visit on Wednesday evening. She is a long-time friend of UM president Donna Shalala, and came to talk to her students about being an active generation. 

  Clinton said she wants the students to be a true "participation generation" and continue volunteering for worthy causes.

She says "it is the work of this century to complete the unfinished business" of her generation, regarding human rights and equality. 

After her speech, Clinton sat down with Donna Shalala to answer questions from students. Shalala says a number of her students are from Venezuela, and asked if the U.S. should invest more time and resources on the protests.

"We're going to keep doing what we can to try to support positive change -- peaceful change, which is the best way to go," says Clinton. 

Nicole Marcos, a junior studying Latin America, says she wished Clinton would've elaborated more on Venezuela. 

"She played it safe," says Marcos."Which kind of makes me think she's going to run in 2016."

Philosophy junior Jose Miguel Rosillo agrees. He says, "I was honestly disappointed. I guess it just seemed staged." 

Shalala concluded the event with a question on Clinton's Twitter bio. It lists mom, lawyer, Secretary of State and ends with "TBD."

"Can you give us some insight into how the TBD in your bio will play out?" asked Shalala. 

"Well, I'd really like to ... but I have no characters left," says Clinton.