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Governor Has Short Time To Decide Fate Of Online Voter Registration System

Vox Efx/flickr

Governor Rick Scott has less than two weeks to decide whether to veto a bill creating online voter registration in Florida. 

The bill requires the Division of Elections to develop an online voter registration system. It has to be operational by October of 2017.

Supporters say the bill would make it easier for service members to register and update voting records.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner, who is in charge of elections, opposes the bill. He says his agency will likely be dealing with the largest election in state history next year. Plus, his office is already working on a massive overhaul of the regular voter registration system.

Lawmakers included nearly $2-million to pay for the system, but the money still has to be approved as part of the state budget.

The bill is among 68 pieces of legislation sent to Scott last week. When a bill reaches the governor’s desk after the legislative session has ended, a 15 day deadline looms. Scott can veto the bill, sign it to show his support or let it become law without his signature.

News Service of Florida contributed to this report.