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Miami Dade Transit Wants More Millenials

As part of the campaign, The Prism Group has been experiment with different ways to make the daily commute more fun, including easy and low cost cut outs.

The Miami-Dade department of transportation has hired two organizations to whip up a campaign designed to attract new riders.

Alice Bravo, director of the transportation department, says she hopes the new marketing plan will attract more millennials to Miami’s public transit.

“The young, new millennials are, are I think are more predisposed to use public transportation. They don’t necessarily want to have a car. They see how they can save time, how they can save money.”

The campaign is mostly social media based and highlights new security cameras on MetroMover as well as a new transit app. Some of the elements of the campaign include a silent disco aboard the MetroMover, and small, free concerts located at stations.

The campaign is called “Miami’s Never Moved Like This,” and is being run by The New Tropic website and Prism Creative Group.