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Palm Beach County Sweating Trump Security Tab

Carolyn Kaster
Associated Press

Palm Beach County officials are growing increasingly anxious over the rising cost of providing security for President Donald Trump’s frequent visits.

The county has incurred more than $1.5 million in overtime costs so far, but has not been reimbursed by the federal government.

County Mayor Paulette Burdick says the response has been…crickets.

“We sent a letter in December requesting the additional funds,” Burdick said. “Our sheriff has met with the folks at the federal level. Our congressmen and women have met with the federal leaders up there. And at this point, we have no information at all — whether we will get any money reimbursed or when.”

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Burdick says if the county ultimately has to foot the bill. It will have to increase property taxes or cut services.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner has proposed forcing Mar-a-Lago to pay for the extra security costs through its yearly tax bill.

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