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The Nasdaq Opening Bell Rung Remotely From The Frost Museum of Science

Philip and Patricia Frost rang the NASDAQ Stock Market opening bell Monday morning from the new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami.

Hammerhead sharks and devil rays swam overhead in the museum’s Gulf Stream Aquarium, illuminating the room with a frosty blue glow, as the couple led the countdown.

At 9:30 a.m., they pushed a digital button and the NASDAQ bell in Times Square rang, completing the NASDAQ stock trading opening ceremony.

"3... 2...1..."  and the room, packed with executives and partners listening to opening remarks, echoed with applause and cheers.

Frank Steslow, president of the museum, said this event highlighted the relationship between the museum and the economy in South Florida.

“As a communicator of science, and as a portal for the public to understand science, we feel like we’re that entry point to helping South Florida develop a technologically literate workforce and bring in more and more tech companies,” said Steslow.

The event was live-streamed in Times Square.

Credit LiveStream / NASDAQ