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Fed Up With The Piles? Here's How To Check The Status Of Post-Irma Debris In Your Neighborhood

C.M. Guerrero
Miami Herald
Crews drop off debris from Hurricane Irma at a FEMA staging site in Hialeah in the 5600 block of East Eighth Avenue, behind the police station, on Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Fed up with piles of post-Irma debris in your neighborhood?

You're not alone. Hundreds of South Florida residents have taken to social media to complain.

There are reports of a  12-foot python that slithered out of a pile in Coconut Grove, and the Miami-Dade Police Department posted a video of a nun chainsawing a downed tree.

Officials say they're working on the piles, but the storm downed millions of tons of branches and leaves, so it could take weeks to completely clear roads.

Some cities and counties are providing maps and online updates where you can check the status of your neighborhood.

Here's the interactive map for Palm Beach County residents:

Here's the map for Miami-Dade County:

Residents can also check the information for the city of Fort Lauderdale and Monroe County