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Latest Wave Of Repression In Cuba Targets Journalists, Artists And Video Gamers

Cuban gay rights activists used social media to draw hundreds of supporters to take part in their unauthorized march in Havana on May 11.

These days it is not necessary to be a dissident to be arrested in Cuba. Just using a Cuban flag or playing on an intranet with your friends can get you in trouble with the authorities.

Users of SNET, a wireless network created on the island by video-game enthusiasts, have complained on social networks how the state security apparatus has threatened them to silence their protests after the government made their network illegal through a new decree that authorizes only private networks smaller than SNET.

”Yesterday [Aug. 15] at 11:45 pm state security came to my house,” Ernesto de Armas, one of the members of SNET, posted on Twitter. “They took me in a patrol car. They threatened me, falsely accused me of things, even threatened me with jail. I am very sad that this happens just to defend SNET in my country. I don’t hurt anyone.”

Read more at our news partner the Miami Herald.

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