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Voters Beware: You Have No Idea Who’s Behind That Petition They Want You To Sign

Scott Luxor
Sun Sentinel
The process for a ballot initiative in Florida is increasingly off limits to everyday Floridians, and getting on the ballot is only expected to get harder.

Florida’s avenue for giving the power to the people is now a multimillion dollar business, one that is being exploited by special interests and flooded with mystery cash from secret donors.

As a result, everyday Floridians are being blocked from the system that was supposed to give them a way to bypass big money interests.

The constitutional amendment process, which allows citizen petitions to change state law, conjures up images of passionate volunteers pounding the pavement to get their neighbors behind their cause. More likely, the person angling to get your signature is a hired gun indifferent to the issue they are peddling. The signature-gathering industry has grown so competitive one firm rewards top performers with trips to Europe and the Caribbean.

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