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Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Says '93 Shooting He Kept Secret Was ‘Clear Self-Defense’

David Santiago
Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony seen on Saturday, April 18.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony killed a man with his father’s revolver at his home in Philadelphia when he was 14. But he said Sunday that he kept the shooting secret and didn’t disclose it when applying to the Coral Springs Police Department — or when he was appointed sheriff last year by Florida’s governor — because he was exonerated in juvenile court.

Now, exactly 27 years to the day it happened, the old killing has come back to haunt Tony after Florida Bulldog published a story Saturday detailing the May 3, 1993 shooting and raising questions about what happened.

Revealed little more than four months before an election, the incident — which Tony says was a “clear self-defense case” — is the latest bomb to drop in a nasty campaign with roots in the 2018 shooting in Parkland, one of the most traumatic events in Broward County history. And it’s dredging up accusations of lies, violence and racism.

Read more at our news partner the Miami Herald.

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