Chris Remington

Radio Producer

Chris Remington knew he wanted to work in public radio beginning in middle school, as WHYY played in his car rides to and from school in New Jersey. He’s freelanced for All Things Considered and was a desk associate for CBS Radio News in New York City. Most recently, he was producing for Capital Public Radio’s Insight booking guests, conducting research and leading special projects at Sacramento’s NPR affiliate.

South Florida is at the intersection of Latin American politics, has become a start-up capital and is a cultural beacon for the world. As a producer for Sundial, Chris wants to spotlight the stories of the diverse community that makes the region shine. Send him your pitches at

Michael Nuegebauer / Jane Goodall Institute

In the 1950s, Jane Goodall began to travel to Kenya for a research project on chimpanzees. Her research was fundamental to understanding how chimps make and use tools, and she founded the Jane Goodall Institute to protect chimpanzees and their habitats.

Now in her 80s, Goodall continues to dedicate her life to animals and the environment. She is a UN Messenger of Peace, a UNESCO Award Winner and has been the subject of numerous documentaries and feature films.

Alejandra Martinez

It’s possible you’ve seen this particular Puerto Rican flag if you've traveled up Biscayne Boulevard into Miami’s Upper East Side or scrolled through your Instagram feed lately. The restaurant "La Placita," which opened its doors in January, has been faced with controversy for the massive mural with the  Puerto flag that decorates the exterior of the building.  

"We wanted to make a statement," said Joey Cancel, CEO and President of La Placita on Sundial.

Renee Linnell / Courtesy

Cindy Yang, the former owner of an Asian day spa and massage parlor called “Orchids of Asia,” participated in a fundraiser for President Donald J. Trump back in 2017. According to the Miami Herald, Yang’s spa is where Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested for soliciting prostitution. The investigation found Yang owns a number of South Florida spas where prostitution has reportedly taken place.

Julie Candelaria / ALL ABOUT THE 360

South Florida filmmaker and folk musician Shawn Snyder’s new film "To Dust" explores faith and mortality through an unlikely partnership. Géza Röhrig, star of the Oscar winning film “Son of Saul,” plays a Jewish cantor named Schmuel who recently lost his wife to cancer. Shmuel continues to have nightmares about his wife’s corpse and wants to better understand the process of it returning to the earth.

Alejandra Martinez

A nationwide blackout that has gone into its fifth day has Venezuelan people struggling for food and water. Two weeks after violent clashes on the border between Venezuela and Colombia, WLRN’s Digital Editor Teresa Frontado traveled to the area with a U.S. military flight to deliver medical supplies intended to be taken into Venezuela. Frontado joined Sundial to talk about her experience. 

Mark Hedden

Key West photographer Mark Hedden has long been fascinated by the folks living on boats near Key West's shores, nicknamed the "liveaboards." In 2017 Mark was awarded a Knight Arts Challenge Grant to document the lives of this community.

Mark Hedden

A Palm Beach County jury found former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja guilty on Thursday for the October 2015 shooting death of black motorist Corey Jones. This is the first time in 30 years an active duty officer in Florida has been convicted for armed manslaughter and first-degree murder. Daphne Duret, a reporter for the Palm Beach Post,  has been covering the case since 2015. She joined Sundial to talk about the jury’s verdict.


From toothbrushes, to water bottles, to straws, plastics are a part of everyday life. And yet the damage they cause to oceans and wildlife is well established. 

AL DIAZ / Maimi Herald

Tens of thousands of Haitians with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) have been granted more time to stay in the Sunshine State, at least for now. TPS was extended this week for four groups in the U.S. – Salvadorans, Hondurans, Sudanese and Haitians. That will allow TPS holders from those countries to remain in the U.S. until Jan. 2, 2020.

AL DIAZ / Miami Herald

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony has promised to improve school safety in the district following last year's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Miami Herald Archive

FIU Captain and Public Information Officer Delrish Moss is back in Miami after spending two years as the police chief in Ferguson, Missouri. Moss spent decades as both a spokesperson and eventually a captain in Miami’s police department.

Magic City Hustle / Courtesy

A new documetary centers around the largely forgotten sport of Jai Alai, whose history is tied to the Miami of the 1980s. At that time thousands would fill arenas to watch players use cestas to launch balls at over 100 miles per hour, making Jai Alai known as one of the fastest sports around. Today, arenas in Miami struggle to sell tickets and the game is viewed as "a dying sport." 

Todd R. Hires / Courtesy of New World Symphony

Legendary film score composer John Williams' music will be celebrated at the New World Symphony’s SoundScape Park on Saturday, and he will conduct the performance himself.


A 2017 Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles report found there were 66,000 vehicle crashes in Miami-Dade County that year, of which 32,000 were injuries and 285 were fatalities. That makes Miami-Dade County  among the most dangerous regions in the state when it comes to accidents. That year, South Florida also ranked the 11th most dangerous region for pedestrians in the country.