Michael Stock

Michael Stock's Folk and Acoustic Music has been a mainstay of the South Florida airwaves since 1981, bringing listeners the best of traditional and contemporary folk music every Sundays from 2 to 5 pm. The show's uniqueness lies in its avoidance of the trite fare so common on commercial radio, a characteristic born of Michael's affinity for the heartfelt and original songs of folk musicians and his aversion to playing the same music that is already repeated countless times daily on other stations.

Folk and Acoustic Music is a natural outgrowth of Michael's concert promotion activities in the late '70's. The first acts he booked were local groups, but soon nationally known artists like Sally Rogers and Tony Trischka approached him to appear in his concerts. At one point, Michael even opened a folk music night club called Deco Gecko at the Shelborne Hotel and hosted a couple of cable television series featuring folk musicians. He is also deeply involved in the efforts of the South Florida Folk Club and the Broward Folk Club to promote the work of South Florida's artists.

It's easy to see what makes Folk and Acoustic Music so special. Michael Stock combines a dedication to playing songs ignored by other stations with a profound knowledge of the national and local folk music scenes. And each Sunday Michael will surprise you with selections from some of his other favorite musical genres including acoustic music from around the world, blues, gospel, western swing, and protest music. To hear this remarkable program, just tune in each Sunday to Folk and Acoustic Music WLRN's weekly three-hour respite from the repetitive, saccharine grind of pop and commercial radio.

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It was in a Miami Beach High School classroom in 1974 that I first heard the name Bob Dylan. The teacher thought that Dylan's “Like A Rolling Stone,” written some 10 years before, was important enough in the evolution of pop culture to share with a bunch of 15-year-olds.

Bruce Springsteen also heard “Like a Rolling Stone” at age 15 and remembers: “I knew I was listening to the toughest voice that I had ever heard. It was lean and it sounded somehow simultaneously young and adult…It make me feel kind of irresponsibly innocent. It freed your mind the way Elvis freed your body”

Marking 350 Mini Performance Vidoes

Feb 27, 2013

This marks Michael Stock's 350th video!! Browse and subscribe to his YouTube channel and see some unique live in-studio mini performances recorded during his live radio broadcasts. 

Visit the YouTube Channel here.

From http://driftwoodtheband.com:

Butch Ross live singing "Shenandoah"

Jan 27, 2013

www.butchross.com:  When Butch Ross opened for Bill Staines last fall, he received a rare accolade: a standing ovation for an opening act. He transforms the lowly mountain dulcimer into a virtuoso's instrument, drawing from it unexpected power and expressiveness. He mixes old country and Appalachian songs with his own wordy, literate, poetic ballads about people, places, and situations you might read about in a good book of short stories. He has a strong clear voice and a stage presence of boyish charm.

Ana Bai - Tina & Her Pony

Jan 20, 2013

T & HP bring a unique sound to the folk tradition, with radical, queer lyrics, uncommon instrumentation and vocals tighter than your mamas’ brazier. Tina and Her Pony released their full length album in March 2012. The album was mixed and mastered in Oakland, Calif. with Myles Boisen (The Tigerlilies; Kronos Quartet) and features trumpeter Chris Grady (also featured on Tom Waits’ Mule Variations).

Mean Mary singing live "I've Been Down"

Feb 6, 2011

“Mean” Mary James, youngest of six children, was born in Geneva, Alabama, though her family lived in Florida, a couple miles below the Alabama line. Her mom (author, Jean James) and dad (WWII veteran, William James) lived a very nomadic lifestyle. On one occasion they packed up the family (Mary was four at the time) and moved from Florida to North Minnesota, near the Canadian border, to rough it in the wilds. more at  www.maryjamesband.com