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This Hollywood-based artist traded his therapist job to make art

Sri Prabha is a multimedia artist based in Hollywood.
Monica McGivern
Sri Prabha is a multimedia artist based in Hollywood.

When you look at his work, you get the feeling that Sri Prabha is making art for all the senses.

There’s video. Sometimes the video has sound. There’s always color. Prabha doesn’t mount static canvases on a wall. He hangs spinning sculptures from the ceiling. He puts them opposite video screens. And he asks you to move through them. He puts you right into the middle of his art.

That’s at the heart of Prabha's work — art that speaks to everyone. Part of that comes from his training as a clinical psychologist, where people speak to him. He wants his art to be part of a conversation.

Prabha was born in India, but raised in the U.S., with a mom in the U.S. Army. He spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to embrace two cultures. And to be pulled apart by them. So his work is like that, too.

He mixes eastern philosophy and western science. He leans into beauty and strangeness. Sound and color.

You can find his work all over the world, in public and private collections. He has a new exhibit showing at the Boca Raton Museum of Art through October. It’s called “Sri Prabha: Resonator - Reanimator.

On the July 20 episode of Sundial, Prabha tells us how arts connects him — and us — to the natural world.

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