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Alt.Latino and Becky G join Sundial to talk music, identity and girl power

A man sits holding bongos while a young woman stands with a guitar slung around her back
Mike Morgan © NPR
Anamaria Sayre and Felix Contreras, photographed for NPR’s Alt.Latino, 11 May 2022, in Washington DC. Photo by Mike Morgan for NPR.

If you heard NPR’s Tiny Desk performances this month, you might have noticed that the music had a distinctly Latin flow.

That’s because the show Alt.Latino took over NPR’s intimate music series for Hispanic Heritage Month, called "El Tiny."

We heard from established Latino artists and up-and-comers and highlighted stars like Becky G with her new regional Mexican album.

Alt.Latino hosts Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre spoke with Becky G after her performance. On the Oct. 16 episode, we hear that conversation. Then, it's Alt.Latino's first time on Sundial where host Carlos Frías talks with Anamaria and Felix.

On Sundial's previous episode, we spoke with Monica Sorelle. She's a Haitian-American filmmaker from Miami. Her first feature film, Mountains, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It follows a construction worker whose job is to demolish homes in his own neighborhood, Little Haiti.

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Carlos Frías is a bilingual writer, a journalist of more than 25 years and the author of an award-winning memoir published by Simon & Schuster.
Leslie Ovalle Atkinson is the former lead producer behind Sundial. As a multimedia producer, she also worked on visual and digital storytelling.
Elisa Baena is a former associate producer for Sundial.