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This Conch brings all of your favorite writers to party in Key West

Nick Doll
Arlo Haskell is an author, historian and the executive director of the Key West Literary Seminar.

Imagine if you could invite all your favorite authors down to Key West for a weekend — and you could party with them.

This happens every year at the Key West Literary Seminar. They invite authors from all over to spend a few days together in a place that’s rich with literary history.

It’s not just for writers, it’s also for readers. Fans can listen to conversations between some of the greats and party with them afterward because, you know, it’s Key West.

The city of Key West is America’s fish net for writers. Countless authors have lived or written there. Imagine a place where Ernest Hemingway and Robert Frost get into a fistfight on the beach.

Arlo Haskell is the man who brings them together. He’s the executive director of the seminar and he’s a conch, a Key West native.

Haskell has invited only Florida authors to the next seminar in January. The theme is “Florida: The State We’re In.”

You’ll see a lot of past Sundial guests there. Dave Barry, Patricia Engel, Jonathan Escoffery, Tananarive Due and more.

On the Nov. 21 episode of Sundial, we talk with Haskell about literature and life in Key West.

On Sundial’s previous episode, we spoke with Vanessa Garcia. Her play, Sweet Goats and Blueberry Señoritas, is at the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables through Dec. 3. She joined us to talk about telling family stories through food and the stage.

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