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Gov. Scott Takes Left Turn As Approval Ratings Flounder

Gov. Rick Scott/flickr

Gov. Rick Scott seems to be trying to appeal to a broader base. He’s done some things lately that suggest he’s willing to turn left a little bit.

Scott thrilled Democrats and irked his fellow Republicans when he suddenly changed his position on the Medicaid expansion in Florida.

The governor is also eager to put money back into public education after cutting more than a billion dollars from education funding two years ago.

With his approval ratings holding at just 36 percent in the latest Quinnipiac University poll, Scott’s efforts to turn things around have been sidetracked by the resignation of Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll.

We hear from the Tampa Bay Times’ Tallahassee Bureau Chief Steve Bousquet about possible fallout from Carroll’s resignation and why Scott says he won’t replace her until the legislative session ends in early May.

We also discuss Scott’s 180-degree turn on the Medicaid expansion, his push for teacher raises, and whether he’s trying to appease Democrats and boost his poll numbers.