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Navy Veteran Favors Clinton Over Trump

Caitlin Granfield

  Workers at the Hallandale Beach Cultural Center said there was a steady flow of voters on Tuesday morning, but by noon just a trickle of people could be found there.

Jarrett Edward Fulton, of Liberty City, came there to repair a van in the parking lot. A Navy veteran, and proud grandfather of 22, he recently voted for Hillary Clinton on his absentee ballot.

He thinks the general election will come down to her and Donald Trump. He says the Republican debates were a turnoff. And he says, Trump isn’t fit to run this country.

“No good content came from the debates,” he says. “They were badgering each other and slamming each other… what’s that have to do with running the country? Mr. Donald Trump, no disrespect to him, but he’s preaching separatism. The United States is about everybody coming in. That’s what this country was built upon.”

Clinton, he adds, is a better leader with experience in politics.

He was a Republican but switched to voting Democrat after his time in the military in 1980.

The most important issues for him are economic stability, jobs and to “stop greed and live harmoniously with each other.”

“I thank God for being an American citizen,” says Fulton. “Even in spite of all the problems we have, this is the best country in the world.”