Back-To-School Scenes From Across Florida

Aug 20, 2013

Keri Grigas started her junior year on Monday.
Credit Sammy Mack / StateImpact Florida

After a long, humid summer, kids across the state are waking up and getting ready to go back to school this week.

One of those students, 16-year-old Keri Grigas, started her junior year at South Broward High School this morning. Listen to her bus-stop interview with us from Monday morning:

Keri later met up with us at the bus stop after school to tell us how the day went:

For your reading pleasure, we’ve also rounded up a few more of our favorite small moments from the big day back. Feel free to share your own in the comments.

The sun had barely risen, but Gillian Pons, donning pink shoes, a golden uniform top and a blue hair ribbon to match her shoelaces, was already feeling chipper about the morning ahead.

“It’s a great day!” said the 9-year-old as she walked with her family en route to Cypress Elementary, where the first day of fourth grade awaited.

“Get loose. Get funky. Get started with your knees!” chanted Will Phillips, the leader of the team, whose members will focus on mentoring students in third-grade and above to approve attendance, academics and behavior at the D-rated, low-income school.

“If I can get the to dance with us, I can hopefully get them to improve their grades as well,” Phillips said. “It takes the whole school to keep students excited.”

“I feel very happy, it’s not that depressing this time,” said Anjan, a fourth-grader at Nova Eisenhower Elementary in Davie.

In the pre-kindergarten classroom at Sanderlin Elementary School in St. Petersburg, the teacher was as nervous as the students.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things perfectly,” said Ashley Cooley, 23, of her first-full-time teaching job. “Since I woke up this morning, nervous, I’ve been drinking lots of water and taking nice slow breaths.”

Across the room, Aysha Rembert, 5, settled in at a table with two other kids.

Aysha said she is excited about starting school.

“I want to listen to my teacher like a big girl,” she said.