D-Snap Snafu, Schools Without Accountability, Looking Up To The Meteors

Oct 27, 2017

Today in Sundial: Tens of thousands of South Florida residents are still in need of food assistance more than a month after Hurricane Irma smashed through the region. Recently, people waited in lines for hours to qualify for D-Snap, a federal program being facilitated by the Florida Department of Children and Families. There will be another chance for people to get that much-needed help, but expect lines again because not much will change in the process. WLRN's Wilson Sayre helps us understand how it all went down.

The Orlando Sentinel recently published an investigative series called "Schools Without Rules." It looks at the state's popular voucher program, which gives families scholarships to send their kids to private schools. The series looks a little closer at schools with teachers who are not certified or have criminal records and even lack materials to teach kids. We spoke to Leslie Postal and Beth Kassab of the Orlando Sentinel.

Then we talk with Susan Barnett of the Buehler Planetarium at Broward College about the Orionid Meteor Shower and more astronomy.