Doral Charter School Mural Shows Support For Venezuela

Mar 21, 2019

Students at Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School are completing a mural to show solidarity with Venezuela. 

The mural features the red, blue and yellow colors of Venezuela's flag, and features a large fist that the artists say symbolizes the strength of the Venezuelan people trying to break free from oppression. It is named “Juntos Por Venezuela,” or "Together for Venezuela."

The mural is painted on the ground in front of the entrance to the school and is about the size of a large SUV. 

“The kids decided they wanted to do a mural to express how they were feeling and to show that solidarity with the Venezuelan community," said Jeannette Acevedo-Isenberg, the head of the school. 

Downtown Doral Charter has a large Venezuelan student body and an international curriculum. All students are required to take either Spanish or Portuguese. 

The mural features eight stars, one of which appears to be fading to black. Elizabeth Maristany, the upper school art teacher, explains the star represents Venezuela falling into oppression. Purple peace doves line the top of the painting. 

The mural has taken nearly three weeks to complete. It will stay for as long as Florida’s weather conditions allow.

"Whether it is up for the next few weeks or the next few days it is definitely going to be a sign and a message out to the community, and out to the world, that the students, the staff and the parents at Downtown Charter, care about what is happening and are here to support them in any way we can,” Acevedo-Isenberg says.