Florida Is Preparing For Coronavirus, Transit Alliance's New Bus Plan & The Cuban Missile Crisis

Mar 2, 2020

On this Monday, March 2, episode of Sundial:

How Florida is preparing for the Coronavirus 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a public health emergency for the state in response to the coronavirus disease known as COVID-19. 

As of Monday afternoon, there are two confirmed cases of the virus in Florida. WLRN’s Danny Rivero joined Sundial to talk about how to protect yourself and what the governor says the next steps are to prevent the virus’ spread. 

Rivero also talked about the upcoming primary election. He recently spoke with South Florida’s supervisors of elections about how they are preparing for voters heading to the polls. 

Transit Alliance is redesigning Miami-Dade County’s bus system

Miami-Dade County could soon see major changes to it’s bus system. Last year, the county commissioned a $250,000 redesign led by the non-profit group Transit Alliance. The group just released its new transit plan. 

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“We’ve redesigned a bus system to where one in four people will have easy access to a bus route that is five minutes away from their house and that comes every 15 minutes throughout the day,” says Azhar Chougle, director of Transit Alliance.

The city of Miami and the Miami-Dade County Commission will decide whether or not to approve the plan later this month. Chougle joined Sundial to talk about the new proposed routes. 

The untold stories of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Historian Michael Tougias is the co-author of a new book, “Above & Beyond: JFK and America’s Most Dangerous Spy Mission,” which tells the story of how Florida played a critical role in strategy and military operations during World War II and the Cold War. In his book, Tougias writes about a number of soldiers who lost their lives in combat, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He joined Sundial to talk about the book and share the stories of the Florida U-2 pilots. He will also be speaking about the book on March 6 at the Monroe Public Library.