Frustrated Palm Beach Parents Call Out Late School Buses

Aug 21, 2015

A Palm Beach School District bus on its regular route before major changes take place next week.
Credit Lisann Ramos / WLRN

This school year in Palm Beach has gotten off to a rough start. Parents complained to the school district that their children’s school buses are off schedule.

This week many students were either late to school or had to be dropped off by their parents. The issue stems from the county school district and the disorganization of their bus program. 

Now the district is trying to make amends. 

On Monday 40 percent of school buses ran late. The district was able to bring that number down to 26 percent.

"Although I applaud the progress that’s been made, it’s not fast enough, particularly for those parents and students negatively impacted by that lack of progress,” said Palm Beach County School District Superintendent Robert Avossa.

Problems with the buses first became evident during a mock run on the Thursday before school began. Since then the district has changed bus routes and addressed their short staff. 

“We’ll have 10 to 12 new drivers joining us our force next week and the recruitment effort and training will continue,” said Mike Burke, the Chief Operating Officer of the school district.

Over the weekend, the majority of the 649 routes that the buses use are changing. This includes shifts in pick-up times.

The school board says it will send out notices to parents affected. The changes will be implemented early next week.