Immigration Raids And The End Of TPS; How Miami Has Become A Hub Of Illegal Gold

Jan 20, 2018

Today on Sundial: Salvadorans were the most recent refugee group to lose Temporary Protected Status (TPS). It's now likely that Hondurans will also lose theirs. What's the latest update on groups like these and Nicaraguans and Haitians? What are people doing to stay in the U.S. or find another country that may take them in? We talk with Ana Quiros of Catholic Legal Services about TPS and about the recent raids by immigration services.

Also, Miami Herald investigative reporters Nicholas Nehamas, Jay Weaver and Kyra Gurney join us to talk about their new series, Dirty Gold, Clean Cash. Their investigation shows how Miami has quickly become a hub for illegal gold, thanks to the links between illegal mining in Latin America and money laundering.