A Journalist Turns His Mic On Haiti's Grievances

Jan 13, 2011

One of the aftereffects of the earthquake in Haiti is that local journalists have found new freedom. Many are now airing the kinds of political commentary and criticism that used to invite violence and censure– even death.

The shift comes across loud and clear on Haiti’s airwaves, where most people get their news.

Jennifer Maloney brings us the story of Haitian radio host and reporter Makenson Remy, known to listeners as “Four-by-Four” because of his rugged brand of go-anywhere reporting.

After a brutal police beating in 2005, he left the news business behind and began airing music instead. But after last year’s massive quake left his city in ruins, and his countrymen in despair, Makenson returned to the mic.

Now he asks Haiti’s leaders: “Where is the change?”