Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted Shows Art In Lake Worth, "The Paintings Look Like The Music Sounds"

Dec 4, 2017

Former Metallica bassist and Jupiter resident Jason Newsted is used to electrifying crowds with his rib-rattling bass lines.

Now he’s sending that vibe though a new instrument: a paint brush.

A new exhibit of his painting and sculpture, Rawk - The Art of Jason Newsted, runs through Feb. 3rd at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County in downtown Lake Worth.

Listen to Newsted drive his energy:

“The paintings look like the music sounds,” said Newsted.

The art carries the same energy that conjured Newsted’s metal sound.

“Same hands. Same heart. Same brain,” said Newsted. “Direct transference.”

Newsted’s paintings, like his music, span the emotional spectrum.

“Colorful sometimes...heavy sometimes...beautiful sometimes...melancholy sometimes,” he said.

Newstead hopes to channel that emotional electricity through his art and jolt the viewers.

“At heavy shows, the crowd is just nuts -- the exchange of energy,” said Newsted. “I'm doing a solo project trying to push out as much as I can of that energy. They have to come up and look at the picture and then get my energy.”

Some of the proceeds from the sale of Newsted’s artwork will be donated to the Cultural Council, Little Kids Rock and the Perry J. Cohen Foundation.